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China Chongqing Autumn Beauty Expo, HENMILY Exhibitions

2023 China Chongqing Autumn Beauty Expo

China Chongqing Beauty Expo 2023 was held on October 13-15, 2023 at Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center, No.2 Jiangnan Avenue, Nanan District.
HENMILY booth address is: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center (Nanping) H01

China Chongqing Autumn Beauty Expo 8
HENMILY exhibitions, Customers experience and buy the device

Chongqing Beauty Expo 2023 is divided into four major areas, which are professional beauty salon line exhibition area, medical beauty exhibition area, traditional Chinese medicine health and wellness beauty exhibition area, daily chemical line and imported products exhibition area, and hold new product releases, summit forums and other activities

China Chongqing Autumn Beauty Expo Video, 2023 HENMILY Chongqing Exhibitions

The second day of Chongqing Beauty Expo

This customer has been examining the instrument for more than a year, and has been to Beijing, Shandong, Guangzhou, China to compare several manufacturers, and finally selected our HENMILY super picosecond + Mantis knife wrinkle removal instrument!

China Chongqing Autumn Beauty Expo 2
The customer’s arm is experiencing the picosecond instrument

We are professional medical beauty machine manufacture with 18 years. We educated in researching laser beauty machine.

HENMILY is a professional manufacturer of aesthetic machines in China, we manufacture aesthetic equipment such as Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, Body slimming device, Picosecond Laser Machine, Tattoo and Pigment Removal Machine, IPL Photorejuvenation Aesthetic Machine. We provide OEM & ODM service.

laser tattoo removal near me 30
Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After, China Chongqing Autumn Beauty Expo, Customer Cases

Why choose HENMILY?

High-tech enterprise in China

We are a high-tech production enterprise in China and a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, with our own invention patents and utility model patents, and a total of 32 appearance-type patents.

Focus on quality and testing

We focus on the quality of the products, all the products we will come to the material 3 times testing, 72 hours after the production of aging test before leaving the factory, there is a test when packing.

HENMILY Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Video

An enterprise with solutions

We are a company with solutions, no matter what products our customers use, we can propose the most effective solutions to our customers.

Why choose HENMILY

Click to view more exhibitions

Click to view more exhibitions

2023 Guangzhou Beauty Expo 1
China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo, September 4-6, Closing Autumn Show
The 134th Canton Fair of China 11
HENMILY Participates in the 134th Canton Fair in China

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