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Guangzhou HENMILY at Chengdu Beauty Expo 2023

“There is no spring that will not come.”
Over the past three years, we have traveled through a lot of uncertainty. Every person in the beauty industry is looking forward to a warm spring in 2023, when the “epidemic of clouds” will begin.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 1

Today (April 20) the 47th Chengdu Beauty Expo in 2023, the first large-scale beauty show in western China, the pioneer of the grand opening! The scene on the first day of the show was as hot as the weather in Chengdu, which “turned into summer in a second”, triggering the beauty industry market in Southwest China!

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 5

CCBE is not only one of the top exhibition organizers under Informa Group, but also one of the first batch of Chengdu exhibition brands to be awarded UFI certification. Therefore, the opening of every Chengdu Beauty Expo is not only a grand event in the industry, but also attracts the attention of all walks of life.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 7

At the opening ceremony, Sichuan Beauty and Hairdressing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Chengdu Beauty Expo founder Cui Hongbo, as the organizer of the speech, the guests expressed a warm welcome at the same time and from the current exhibition data to the guests to share the development trend of the industry.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 9

Bringing millions of business opportunities
This year’s show ushered in a new “post-epidemic” high, with 905 companies gathering to showcase more than 5,000 brands. The five exhibition halls and seven special zones covered the entire industry chain of the beauty industry in a refined manner, and thousands of business opportunities were condensed here.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 12

The professional line from efficacy skin care creams to health and wellness are the strong sections of CCBE; daily chemical brands; a wide range of international products; the supply chain from raw materials to testing organizations, truly empowering the beauty industry at the source; a large number of medical and beauty instruments, restorative products; nail and eyelash skin management to show the trend of the beauty industry. During the same period, there are more than 10 forums and a beauty industry vocational skills competition, with everyone feeling the strong recovery of the beauty industry.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 13

Strong combination, continue to empower the beauty industry people
As the wind vane of the beauty industry in western China, CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo is an important window for enterprises to open the western China market. The Oriental Beauty Valley from Shanghai Fengxian Zhelin Town is a new comprehensive industrial cluster focusing on high-quality industries, both of which will fully provide more opportunities for China’s cosmetic industry chain to grow bigger and stronger.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 14

International Brands, All Inclusive
“Post-epidemic” foreign brands to open up the mainland market has finally opened the floodgates, this year’s Chengdu Expo ushered in not only Germany, Japan, the United States, Italy, France, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong’s brands, and from the point of view of exhibits, in addition to the daily skincare, color cosmetics, as well as semi-permanent, skin management, embroidery, raw materials, nail and eyelash products. The continuous enrichment of categories confirms the important position of Chengdu Beauty Expo as a window to open the beauty industry market in western China.

china Chengdu Beauty Expo 4

Guangzhou HENMILY will be exhibiting at this year’s Chengdu Beauty Expo at Hall 8, 8E70, Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center, Chengdu, China.

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