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Henmily Certificates1

HENMILY’s 39th Photovoltaic Core Technology Refinement Course ended successfully

HENMILY Skin Management Training

Gathering Potential for Innovation, Winning the Future Together

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 1

Organized by HENMILY Group, HENMILY Business School undertook the “39th Photoelectricity Core Technology Refinement Class” ended successfully yesterday!

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 2

HENMILY Business School AMY teacher multi-form, all-round for the students to carry out brilliant theory and practical guidance, the scene atmosphere is active, we actively communicate, in-depth discussion.
Transformation and empowerment, imperative!

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 3

Project theory training

This intensive class mainly focuses on the professional skin management teacher must master the skin knowledge, acne facial diagnosis and treatment ideas, sensitive skin diagnosis and treatment, various kinds of spots of scientific solutions and other project themes, from the theoretical guidance, case analysis, treatment programs, project practice version of the nanny-type teaching, a real all-round improvement in the operation of the project ability of the trainees and the ability of the equipment, the students have said that they have benefited greatly. The trainees have expressed that they have benefited a lot.

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 5

Interactive Q&A.
For the trainees in the teaching process encountered in the course of the questions, as well as in the project to carry out some of the post-operative emergency treatment problems to be answered one by one.

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 7

Hands-on pattern making (the customer learns the theory and then operates by himself).
After the theoretical course training, on-site arrangement of modeling plate teaching, so that students observe and learn, deepen the understanding of the project.

The instruments for customer learning include laser tattoo removal machine, laser picosecond machine, 808nm laser hair removal machine, DPL photorejuvenation machine and so on.

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 6

Visiting experience

After the meeting, a group of customers can’t wait to visit the showroom of HENMILY headquarters to have an in-depth exchange of store operations, project matching program and so on.

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 8

Based on the concept of long-termism, in the post-epidemic era, HENMILY, as an upstream R & D manufacturer, is willing to do its part to do a good job of technical empowerment for new and old customers, with the same goal of solving problems for store customers and creating customer value! Leaving the clinical talk about R & D is not in line with market logic, leaving the solution to talk about technology is also not rigorous, over the years we have been insisting on research and development and production of therapeutic equipment that can solve the problem, and at the same time open their own directly-managed stores to do the project’s clinical practice experience, the project operation experience is refined and copied to the partners of the HENMILY, do what I say, say what I do! Do what I say, say what I do! Do in-depth service for the store’s sustainable health and profitability!

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 10

Thank you for coming all the way to the students, learning is never-ending, learning is the lowest cost of investment, for you these two days of action praise!

September photoelectric advanced class, looking forward to working with more partners to sail, together based on a new starting point, open up new directions, meet the new future!
Good technology + good equipment + good products = good project.

HENMILY 39th Skin Management Training 9

Based on the new starting point, open up new directions!
Grasp the new opportunities, win the new future!

laser hair removal 2
Laser Tattoo Removal Before And After

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